Monday, March 9, 2009

New Bebbitch und de Bomb

Hy didn't schoot him. Vaz a near ting -- dot Bunny guy iz giffing uz merzenariez a bad name. Add in de demmage to zeveral friendz, including my seezter-in-law und Genie ... thoze anti-magik bombz are bad newz all 'roundt. But Hy schould schtart at de beginning ....

Haelga called for beck-op, und ve braved de lag-schtorm togedder, to guard de foul devize, dot vaz levt ofer from de bombing on Satyrday:

(It vaz pretty nivty, rilly -- if hyu could ignore de fact it vaz enemy ordnanze.)

There vaz an odd schmell about de ting -- und bezidez dot, it made me oncomfortibble vit it being zo near to de voting boothz. Voterz came und vent ... then ve notized armed pipplez congregating. Ve zent a call for de Baron, und he arrifed in goot time. Our group vaz guarding de Bomb, und anodder group -- vun made op of New Bebbitcherz, eager to defendt their zity -- vaz alzo conferging on it. Az ve vaz all brainschtorming togedder about how to remoof und dizpoze of de eefil devize, who schould appear but a Bunny-guy in univorm ... und he schmelled moch like de scent Hy had caught on de Bomb! Here he iz, guarded clozely by Haelga, und talking vit Herr Baron:

(Green bunny-guy in airschip univorm: pleazant, vell-schpoken, intelligent, und deadly.)

He vaz giffen de choize, und opted qvite vizely to come vit uz to de New Bebbitch Conzulate Offize. There he vaz reunited vit hiz pilot, who had been keptured during de bombing. Herr Clockvinder Tenk came by, und there vaz negotiationz. Az zumvun pointed out, ve vaz dealing vit Airschip Piratez, zo Hy made my vay to de roof, jammed a hendy bit of looze tile into de schinglez, und schtood on guard, vatching de heavenz:

(There'z juzt too many airschipz in de schkiez of New Bebbitch. Dot'z me on de peak, vit my beck to de flegpole.)

Hy haff been reminded dot ve iz a peazeful mission from Europa to de Schteamlendz; Hy zay ve need to be able to defend de Conzulate buildingz against atteckz. (Und if there'z rain, Hy hope it dun leak into de lightning tubez, from my leetle adjuztmentz to de roof ....)

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